Between an earthly reality and an enchanted world, we met Livia Lazzari, founder of Voodoo Jewels.

She began her journey in the jewelry world at IED, and after attending many courses at Central Saint Martin in London and an internship at Nanis as a jewelry designer, she founded Voodoo Jewels at only 24 years old.

Based in Rome, she constantly travels in search of charming materials and seducing inspirations.

Her collections are the result of a fusion of tribal atmospheres, a fascination with the natural world, and shamanic rituals. 

In tribal cultures, voodoo objects are invested with magical qualities, they are the link between the human dimension and the spirits of nature. In the same way, Voodoo Jewels creations are able to put the woman’s body in contact with her inner self.

Her jewels are the medium of a message: our body, even if disharmonious, is beautiful in a unique way. Livia wants to tell us that our imperfections are our strengths and uniqueness. 

Tourmalines, opals, carnelians, amethysts, and tanzanites are some of the stones selected from the streets of Jaipur, irregular stones, just like the beauty of every woman: rare, unique, and imperfect.

Find out more about Livia and her brand @voodoojewels

Whit which animal do you feel a connection? 
Ironically, very ironically but with a thread of truth I could say that I feel a certain affinity with the leopard.
Certainly not for the ferocity or the speed but mainly because it’s an animal that usually get what it wants, and work-wise it’s the same for me.
I’ve been working hard over the years, I learned the goldsmith craft almost by myself, I created my own brand and just this year, with Voodoo Jewels turning ten, I can say I’m satisfied with what I achieved thanks to my determination.

What does nature power mean to you?
My relationship with nature is deep and visceral both in personal and creative way. Before becoming a designer and founding my brand, I always felt a very strong connection with nature. The only dimension in which I feel complete is underwater scuba diving or lying on the ground in the middle of a forest. Creatively speaking I’ve always got inspired from nature, my first collections investigated the relationship between women and surrounding nature.
The name Voodoo Jewels is definitely linked to tribal cultures and voodoo amulets that connect humans and nature spirits: in the same way my jewels have a magical value of connection with the surrounding environment.