A young woman with a style all of her own. Eclecticism is the first word that comes to mind when thinking of Elasi. An Italian singer-songwriter, whose musical style brings on a cosmic journey trough exotic beats, ethnic instruments and digital experimentation, the result of continuous research of music from all over the world.

Her latest album is OASI ELASI, released in 2022. Producer, sound designer & DJ, she’s also co-founder of POCHE Collective, the first Italian networks for women & LGBTQ+ music producers. There are many reasons she caught our attention and inspired us to be BEA studio’s latest muse.

One of Elasi’s main features is her marked cosmopolitan taste, both in music and her style: “Luckily, I had the opportunity to travel a lot. I’ve also always been a very curious researcher of mirabilias, not only through the places that I’ve visited around the world but also in my daily life – I love traveling with my mind, listening to the story of an old lady in my favorite bar or through the web, exploring and searching for history, sounds & voices coming from faraway lands.” 

She definitely comes across as an eclectic artist, crossing over to different fields – “I don’t know if eclecticism is a fundamental skill for today’s artists, but for me it is necessary – I’m too curious not to explore other forms of art and expression.”

And what about her future dreams and possible exciting projects? “I have two main projects at the moment (aside from my music, my radio show and my work with brands): the first one is creating a female community of music producers in Italy, offering free workshops and encouraging networking opportunities with my POCHE collective; second, recording, exploring and working on sounds, voices and rhythms coming from different regions, generations and traditions of Italy. 

We’ll definitely keep an eye out for updates and surprises from the fantastic world of Elasi, but for now we’ll just keep on vibing to our fav tune – SAMSARA. 

Discover more about Elasi’s world @elasi__

What’s the link between music and fashion for you?
Research, experimentation and innovation are the main characteristics that I look for in both music and fashion. 

How do you catalyse your stylistic research, both in music and in fashion?
I look for crazy patterns, unique colours, precious materials and techniques, intercultural mixes and surrealism.

Which “Tokyo Nostalgia” prints inspired you and impressed you the most and why?
Senshi – cursed and eternal beauty.

Most inspiring artist of all time.
Bowie, David Byrne, Roisin Murphy, Björk, Damon Albarn, Raffaella Carrà.