Last week we met with Abigail & Margot at their lovely home in Rome. We enjoyed splashing around in their terrace, and had ‘tea time’ with Margot; we were utterly charmed by the jolly relationship the two have. 

Between a splash and a laugh, we got to chat with Abi as well. She told us about Antipodi, her private vintage collection, and how she balances work/life since becoming mother to adorable Margot. 

Abigail is a Californian-born, bright, and beautiful woman with a strong passion for vintage designer clothing; she has been living in Rome for over 10 years now, and calls the eternal city her home.  In her words: 

“Coming from a small, alternative Californian town like Santa Cruz, it was a bit difficult to adapt at first. The strong sense of tradition and provincial mindset is what I struggled with the most. Yet today I could not think of bringing up my daughter in any other place.”

Antipodi was first born as a clothing brand designed together with a friend, but it soon became Abigail’s flying solo project: a vintage & second-hand private collection available via instagram and by appointment at her home studio. The buying is done by Abi primarily online, but she also goes thrifting during her three yearly trips to the USA between California and NYC, and, up to twice a week here in Rome, she goes to local markets:

“…As you can imagine, it’s somewhat complicated to go out hunting for vintage gems with a 3-year-old, so Margot enjoys time with nonna on Sundays while I go to markets.”

At BEA studio we continuously explore style and the use people give to our clothing; quality, functionality, and beauty are at the core of our collections. Abi has a very distinct and savvy approach to choosing clothing, so we asked her to hand-pick some pieces for her and her daughter. The task was to select the ideal items for a relaxed afternoon at home, in the cosy comfort of their everyday routine.