Style may run in the blood of this Algarve/Berlin-based beauty, (her grandmother, as she tells us, was her ultimate style icon!), but it’s Nadja von Buseck’s passion for all things art and travel that makes her tick. Founder of art and travel platform, the Salzburg native works at the intersection of art and the visitor economy. Given her vast international experience in the world of art, and the fascinating fact that she was raised in a boutique Austrian hotel, it was a natural career progression for her.
I grew up in a hotel and have always been interested in hospitality and creating human experiences”, Nadja tells us.  The interest in art came later,” she adds, “but I definitely use it as a tool to better understand the travel world and all the people I meet”. Her latest project? Casa Wan! This stunning guesthouse, overlooking the exquisite natural beauty of Portugal’s Aljezur, is a place where international and local artists are invited to immerse themselves in their work, creating, researching, playing and leaving behind a trace of their stay. Guests who come to stay at Casa Wan can directly support and gain insight into the artist’s practice and enable the time and space for creative endeavors on site. Sounds dreamy!
You can find out more about Nadja projects on and @casa.wan

Summer holy grail?
Aloe Vera gel! It´s great to use after a long night to decongest eye bags, and it´s helpful for nourishing the skin after sunbathing.

Ultimate summer style icon?
My grandmother. For her, it was summer all year round, even though she lived on a mountain in Austria. As soon as there was just one ray of sunshine, she lay naked in the sun. It was just her jewellery she kept on! 

Bikini or swimsuit?
The latter. More is more.

Smell of summer?
Cheap sun cream.

Best piece of style advice you’ve ever received?
My dear friend Ourania Marmara is an excellent stylist and always tells me to pay attention to details. My good friend Sebastian Hoffmann, an art curator, follows a timeless and consistent style. He wears a suit when others wear a swimsuit.