“I spent half of my life dancing,” Italian DJ and producer, Adiel, tells BEA studio, as we sit down for coffee in her Roman apartment.
“Classical ballet was my first love. It meant so much for my vision and it was essential for knowing myself and my limits.” 

The other half of this 30-year-old’s life was spent playing sets at some of Europe’s most famous clubs and festivals, establishing her own record label, Danza Tribale, and producing a veritable feast of dub/techno anthems that have gained her a strong following and recognition as one of Italy’s most talented  DJs.

Today, techno music may be Adiel’s bread and butter, but her musical taste is diverse.
You’ll find jazz legend Miles Davis in her record collection, and her earliest memories involve Chopin, Tchaikovsky, and dueting with her mother ‒ her first great inspiration ‒ in the car. It was later in life, however, that she realised her love for electronic music.
“I discovered drum’n’bass during the first rave parties in Rome”, she tells us “and then I started to get close to the underground club culture”.
And so began her journey into the world of decks, nightclubs and creating beautiful, beautiful music! 

Adiel, aka Alessia Di Livio, is at her creative best in the mornings. After her coffee, it’s straight to the studio for work! “Dealing with creativity is very challenging”, she tells us, !until you accept the idea that some days are more constructive than others”. In fairness, the Roman native has been having a good run of constructive days of late. She released her latest EP, Method, in May this year, and an upcoming musical project will see her collaborating with musician and composer, Flavio Accorinti. Plus, BEA studio joined creative forces with the DJ to create a limited edition bodysuit for your future festival nights, now available online. Yes, Adiel’s career is like an unstoppable train at the moment. And we want a ticket to jump aboard!


Your summer holy grail?
All products from Dr. Kleein; I can’t live without them.

One thing we’ll always find in your beach bag?
My Kuboraum sunglasses

The best piece of style advice you’ve ever received?
Always feel comfortable in the way you act and in the way you dress.

The song that reminds you of summer?
Autechre _ 444

What book are you reading at the moment?
La Briscola in Cinque, by Marco Malvaldi